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Chef Katsu

Katsuhiko Hanamure,“Katsu,” was born and raised in the small city of Kaseda in the Kagoshima prefecture of Japan. Chef Katsu moved to the United States with his family in 1976 in support of his father’s various business ventures.

Chef Katsu grew up helping in the kitchen of his family’s bakery, however, his true culinary career began in 1978 as a teenager. He worked at A Thousand Cranes Restaurant in the late New Otani Hotel and Garden in Los Angeles under the direction of Japanese Master Chef Saga. After training a few years with Chef Saga, Katsu began working with Chef Willie Miller at the Commodore Perry restaurant in the New Otani Hotel and Garden. The Commodore Perry featured a continental cuisine which served as a heavy influence on Chef Katsu’s French based cooking background.

In 1986 Katsu met Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, famed and renown chef of Nobu, Matsuhisa and Ubon restaurants. Chef Nobu saw something special in Katsu and quickly took him under his wing, guiding his career, developing his talent and acting as a father figure Since then Chef Katsu has been a part of numerous Matsuhisa and Nobu restaurants working his way up to a Sushi Chef at Matsuhisa Los Angeles and Nobu Los Angeles and then as an Executive Chef of Matsuhisa Athens, Matsuhisa Mykonos and Nobu in Badrutt’s Palace. Chef Katsu has also catered high profile events for the Aubrey Hepburn Foundation, Cartier Foundation and the Red Cross and has coordinated numerous private parties for top Hollywood celebrities.

Today Chef Katsu resides in Los Gatos and is excited to have the opportunity to share his passion of food through Katsu of Los Gatos. Chef Katsu actively researches his ingredients to procure them from the freshest and most sustainable sources and buys locally whenever possible. He invites anyone who wants a new experience, while making lasting memories, to dine at his restaurant.

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